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A building with memories

Dated back to 1862. Follow our rich timeline

The building is a stone construction first build in 1862 as a summer house of Risvan Pasa (the local head from the Turkish Empire). Its location selected to be right by the sea for the owner to enjoy his summer swims. During the same period (1862 to 1920) the top floor was a girls school and shelter for poor girls. 

It was abandoned later and till the beginning of the 2nd World War. Till the 1960 the local fishermen used it as Pastopoiio (a place where they ferment fish). Now from the 1960 till the beginning of the 1980s the building turned to the industry of cloth making proceeding local wool.

In the beginning of 1990 it has been rebuild and transformed in a hotel. 12 small suites where made on the top floors and in the lower ground - right by the sea - the owners started the first Fish Gourmet Restaurant in the area. 

Today - under completely new management the building again renovates with new, modern infrastructure, technology and services to keep moving its history course.


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